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In the Team Competition Team 1 Vanderburg improved their lead with a solid 3 pts outing. On the back of Bob standout scores Team 3 McClinchey also took 3 pts to tie Team 2 Clermont for 2 place. The other teams are all close on their heels. There had been two major Sen O productions scheduled for 2020: The Shadow of a Gunman was due to open at the Gate next week, and Juno and the Paycock was due in the Olympia in July from Decadent Theatre Company. These productions were clearly intended as a nod to the centenary commemorations of the Civil War and would have formed part of the national debate, had virus shaped events not blown the more contentious period of commemorations off centre stage. You can almost hear the sigh of relief the year had not started well with the controversial proposed RIC event..

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