I know he has work, and he works on recording music

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Beginning as a fashion editor for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, he changed his name to Mainbocher and opened a fashion house in Paris in 1929, them moved to New York in 1940. In addition to dressing the cream of society and designing for the theatre, he developed the "Mainbocher corset", which was able to hold up a dress without straps. These dresses had appeared in the early 1930s, but the "absolutely strapless, sleeveless evening dress" dates to around 1937, followed by the "naked look" of bare shoulders in the 1940s.

A canvas backpack floral with needed pens and pencils and a sharpener. Yep, a backpack or something similar to carry stuff around in that your child needs for school. Many schools don't use lockers anymore, so a backpack has become a requirement. Elton John blares so loudly on Donald Trump's campaign plane that staffers can't hear themselves think. Press secretary Hope Hicks uses a steamer to press Trump's pants while he is still wearing them. Trump screams at his top aides, who are subjected to expletive filled tirades in which they get their "face ripped off.".

Resting on the bubble is seven time champ Jimmie Johnson, who would just make the field if the playoffs went green today. Johnson and Harvick would be the elder statesmen in the playoff field at the ripe old age of 42. (The average age of the playoff bound drivers is just over 31.).

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