Table of ContentsOverviewAbilify (aripiprazole) is

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Follow CNN(CNN)Two of baseball's best pitchers made very few mistakes in the opening game of the World Series, as the Los Angeles Dodgers edged the Houston Astros 3 1 in Los Angeles.Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw pitched seven strong innings, giving up a measly three hits and one run. Kershaw, a three time Cy Young winner who missed almost six weeks during the regular season with a bad back, struck out 11 batters in the first six innings."It felt good. It's a tough lineup over there," Kershaw said.

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Is money coming into consumers hands from the federal government that really hasn gone through the system yet, Breen said. Both purchasing power and it taxable income. Jim Hamper, R Oxford, ranking Senate Republican on the committee, said he wasn surprised by the April report.

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