The first nursing home was hit

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A three hour drive from Mumbai is the Bordi beach and Dhanu town. While the beach is a clean expanse of white sand and calm sea, the town is famous for its fruit production and plantations; visitors can stuff their faces with sweet, fresh chickoos from the orchards and an unlimited amount of coconut water from the coconut plantations. The area is also home to some of the earliest Irani settlers in India, giving it a unique cultural spin..

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canada goose factory sale We had the initial locally transmitted cases emerge, and total numbers are running up. The first nursing home was hit. A school has closed down. Article content continuedSo far in 2018, overall sales activity in the Calgary market is down 14 per cent compared to 2017 and nearly 20 per cent below long term average levels. Year to date sales have slowed across all price ranges, except product priced below $200,000, which now represents nearly six per cent of all sales. The largest decline in sales has occurred in the $600,000 to $999,999 range, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board canada goose factory sale.


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