Of course, all this is dependant on players being

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I know in fact, I have categorical proof that kids are struggling with their mental health about not being able to play. From now on, normality must include the mental well being of players high on the agenda.As a player, if I was asked to lock down in a hotel for six weeks, away from my family and in a sterile environment where there was no contact with the public, I think I would be prepared to do it.Aaron Cresswell accuses football chiefs of ignoring player fears over Project RestartEngland cricketers have been doing it for years on tours of countries where there were security concerns. In a hotel, you can take your own chef, your own medical staff and create your own sterile 'bubble'.In Germany, an hour's flying time from here, the Bundesliga returns on Saturday behind closed doors and all eyes will be on the way they handle football's comeback after two months.They are obviously paying close attention to detail because Augsburg coach Heiko Herrlich was banned for breaking quarantine by leaving his team's hotel to buy toothpaste.And one study, undertaken by a company who provide GPS monitoring vests to clubs, suggests close contact between Premier League players in training lasts just 3.3 seconds on average lower than the threshold for contracting coronavirus.Of course, all this is dependant on players being tested frequently and I understand the arguments against footballers having access to tests ahead of front line NHS workers, but that is for the Government to sort out.League Two clubs agree to end season with immediate effect Cheap Jerseys china on points per game basisYes, I recognise there is the issue of some players being out of contract after June 30.

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