When she moved to the United States

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Will be the party room where we watch the Blue Jays win the World Series one day, Nelson said during a tour of the stadium last month. Our goal. At the renovated stadium, which also hosts Toronto single A affiliate in the Gulf Coast League, increased from approximately 5,500 to 8,000 with the addition of 800 seats along the first base line in left field and the standing room section of the Orange Trail.

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"When you are reading a book, and if that book is well written, you can find yourself swept away into a whole new world and a whole new experience that you didn't and you wouldn't have normally," said Smekofske. "You're in the head of a psychopath, you're in the head of a sister, you're in the head of a wooer, who's, ya know, trying to fall in love with the girl. "[Collings] does that.

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The silver coupe hit the auction block for the first time in 2006 with Barrett Jackson, selling for $214,500. Combing the web shows a few more attempts at a sale, including one in 2009 with a YouTube video, a tilt at an RM Sotheby's auction in 2010 with a high bid of $325,000, and another auction run with Mecum that same year in Monterey that garnered a high bid of $400,000. The coupe didn't sell after any of those efforts, and the Motor Trend piece from 2013 ended with the line, "As this issue goes to press, Len has the car listed for sale with an asking price of $750,000.".

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