not sure if Annastacia is a rugby league fan

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Andrew McMurtry Nic SavageThe office of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has bluntly labelled New South Wales coach Brad Fittler's relentless criticism as "ridiculous", denouncing the NRL great for ignoring health restrictions.Earlier this week, Palaszczuk ruled Brisbane out of hosting a State of Origin match and said she hoped the series was Cheap Jerseys china scrapped for the season. She has also been outspoken about the NRL proposal to kickstart the competition on May 28th.However, she seemingly softened her stance soon after, admitting it would come down to health advice.Fittler said it wasn a surprise Palaszczuk changed her tune considering the game popularity in Queensland.not sure if Annastacia is a rugby league fan, but she backtracked since then, and that understandable given the popularity of the game up there, especially towards the Maroons, Fittler told ABC Grandstand on Saturday.the towel seven weeks before the comp hopefully even starts, possible three or four months before Origin could play, and just giving it no chance at all is, I think, seen as political suicide.that sort of given no one a chance to get back to some sort of normality and give some people employment, gives people entertainment and things to do The mental health side of it, the productivity side of it, just getting back to any sort of normality has got to be healthy for anyone.throwing the towel in this early is a crazy way to go, he said on Saturday.don see it as anything we want to be about. It shows no spirit, no backbone.

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