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After its complete redesign last year, the Toyota RAV4 is a bit bigger in a few dimensions compared to its predecessor, but in general, it's less spacious and ultimately less practical than before. The same can be said in relation to uber sensible rivals like the Honda CR V and Subaru Forester. The roof is lower and passengers may find things a little confining, especially with the optional sunroof (the RAV4 now feels an awful lot like a miniature 4Runner).

In Milwaukee County, that day may not happen anytime soon. Think it a nightmare scenario, said Jonathan Smith, a criminal defense attorney. Two high profile cases involving local law enforcement members Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli and Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Joel Streicher, are both out of custody and their respective cases are both on hold.

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OnePlus Z Summary OnePlus Z is an upcoming smartphone by OnePlus. The phone is rumoured to come with a 6.40 inch touchscreen display. The OnePlus Z supports proprietary fast charging. Looking at the world through a black and white lens can sometimes seem like an ancient practice, especially when you consider the world today full of colorful screens from televisions to smartphones. But we decided to bring back the old black and white worldview by applying it to these modern NFL stars. Will you be able to identify them, or is the lack of coloring going to be too much?.

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