“SDL Auctions Bigwood has the highest completion rate

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Cheap Jerseys from china Many sellers told us how much they appreciated us going ahead with the auction."SDL Auctions Bigwood has the highest completion rate wholesale nfl jerseys from china in the Midlands, which means it offers an unrivalled level of certainty and one which is not possible to achieve when selling on the open market. Selling a property by auction means contracts are exchanged at the fall of the hammer, with completion taking place within 20 working days.Vejay said:"As the vast majority of private treaty sales have stalled due to the lockdown, this makes auction an even more attractive prospect than ever."The new style auctions will feature properties from all over the country and will be conducted by auctioneer Andrew Parker and his wife, Rachael, who is the regional property manager for the East Midlands. As the only people in the company auction studio in its head office, they will adhere to social distancing rules, while a remote team will take telephone bids and convey them to the auction room.Putting these measures in place has allowed SDL Auctions Bigwood to remain active during the Covid 19 crisis while allowing all parties to stay safe, informed and able to behave responsibly.Staff have been working hard to ensure every stage of the buying and selling process can be completed remotely. Cheap Jerseys from china

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