Fans are usually going to go with players that they

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Support for the president hasn't collapsed: Despite levels of unemployment not seen since the Great Depression and nearly 100,000 deaths from a pandemic, there's a floor below which backing for Trump doesn't fall. But his support also has a very consistent ceiling, and the two levels sit remarkably close to each other. Since May, Trump's vote has varied only from 38% to 42%, Fox's polls show..

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The ordinance was apparently intended to be a means through which accountability could be secured, and by extension, rule of law upheld. Unfortunate then that the NAB Ordinance is itself a post facto law, as per Section 2 of the ordinance which states that the ordinance will apply from 1 January 1985 that is: retrospectively. A law that has its genesis in the mind of a military dictator cannot be expected to have fair and just consequences today.

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