They leased 15 acres to Farming Systems Research

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wholesale jerseys We survive and thrive by being social. In India, house helps are like an extended family. But now because of covid 19 we suddenly need to follow social distancing from people who are always there for us precisely in times like these. Rather than sell out to developers, Ted and Trudy Winsberg, owners of Green Cay Farm, who ran a thriving pepper farm on these grounds before they retired in 2000, came up with an alternate plan. They leased 15 acres to Farming Systems Research (producers of Green Cay Produce), which still grows tomatoes, squash, beets, carrots, turnips, lettuces, cucumbers, eggplants, and more for research and to sell to subscribers. The Winsbergs sold the remaining land to Palm Beach County at a rock bottom price for use as a park, bird watching attraction, and water reclamation project: The wetlands act as a natural filter and replenish groundwater. wholesale jerseys

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