It has simple rules based on the concept of ‘rock

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A door or window broke, I can deal with that too. I try not to let the "small stuff" get to me. The thing that gets to me, and others I have talked to is the duties that are more secretarial in nature. They all like to contribute. We laugh and we enjoy each other company. Ranges from 12 25 people, including David Runta, a fellow 1982 FHS graduate.

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An old game of 'rock, paper, scissors' can now be played with a unique, fast pace, and fun twist. Logan Stones is a strategy game that is made for 2 players or more! The game utilizes 18 tactile pieces that are engraved and painted on both sides with different symbols. It has simple rules based on the concept of 'rock, paper, and scissor'..

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