Small stores are invested in their communities

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"He said, be an art teacher first. And if you don't like that, then go on to the stage. So, that's what I did.". You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeThe current Covid 19 lockdown has affected the lives of people in various different ways.However, many may not realise the detrimental effect it has on those suffering from cataracts.A very common condition, cataracts occur when the clear lens inside your eyes starts to turn cloudy, causing blurred vision.Cataracts usually affect older people, but they can occur at any age and seriously affect your quality of life.The only treatment for cataracts is surgery, but with elective surgery cancelled across the UK, many people are suffering with loss of sight with treatment possibly years away.Mr Jonathan Ross is one of the surgeons at Laser Vision Scotland. He's worried about the effect of waiting lists on peoples' sight.He said: "When lockdown started, we already had quite a big waiting list in the NHS and in private hospitals for cataract surgery because the demand is so high.Consultations at Laser Vision Scotland are now taking place over the phone and via video callIn the UK, around 150,000 cataract surgeries take place in the space of four months. As lockdown nears three months, that has left thousands of people missing out on crucial surgery to correct their failing eyesight."There are now a lot of people at home who are gradually losing their sight from cataracts," added Mr Ross.Mr Sanjay Mantry, also a surgeon at Laser Vision Scotland, is worried about his patients' eyesight too, knowing that the delay can have catastrophic effects on peoples' lives.He said: "Cataract surgery is safer and most successful the earlier it's done, but unfortunately this is now going to be a big issue."Before, we worked towards an 18 week target to provide surgery to patients.

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