“The endangered species are a lot more difficult

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cheap canada goose uk "If we can incorporate a dog program, it would be another resource we could to manage the dragons. "We have to use everything we can to protect them."May 9 2019 12:00AMConservation dogs to help monitor threatened lizard species in new trialAndrew BrownCurrent population checks for the species involve four conservation staff conducting checks by sight, however Tommy is able to find where the dragons are in under a minute in a half a hectare area.His handler Steve Austin said while Tommy had been previously used to detect other animals such as feral cats and foxes, learning how to find an endangered species presented a greater challenge."We started Tommy off by getting used to some dragon droppings from those in captivity and trained him on that before we brought him down [to Canberra] for live finds," Mr Austin said."The endangered species are a lot more difficult, simply because of the fact there's not a lot around, which is why we only had droppings to train on."As part of Tommy's 13 weeks of training, Mr Austin said the dog was trained not to go after the species once they were found."It's all a passive response and they're trained not to engage with them or touch them," he said."He's trained to put his nose near the burrows, which indicates there's a dragon there."An endangered grassland earless dragon. Picture: Dion GeorgopoulosTommy will be used for a trial over the course of a week, and if successful, conservation dogs will be used on a permanent basis to help keep track of the endangered species.The grassland earless dragon was declared an endangered species in 1996, only living in areas around Jerrabomberra and Cooma.ACT Parks and Conservation ecologist Thea O'Loughlin said it would normally take hundreds of hours to find the species without the use of dogs."This has been one of our most challenging years because it's been the least amount of dragons for a long time, which is quite a concern," Mrs O'Loughlin said."Staff have been out there every second day using torches and relying on our eyesight and that's a limitation because we can only see so far, and when the grass is high it can be hard." cheap canada goose uk.


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