Tell her you have realized how much she means to you

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But a stock is a piece of a company that is sold for money. The company is "Suppose" to use that money to grow and develop the business, over time the company is supposed to reward its stock owners, for their foresight and wisdom, with dividends. Most stocks have been perverted so they only reward CEOs, management and founders..

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Hirshon blames himself in part for not performing the kind of due diligence he would have advised clients to undertake when lending money. He said he would have asked clients investing with Lalumiere if they had looked at the property, if it was worth the money they were loaning on it and if they thought it was a good idea to let Lalumiere hold escrow funds. That's the money typically held by a third party and then released to the borrower after construction is completed..

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The other case argued was Trump vs. Vance, which involves a state grand jury subpoena for Trump's business and personal records in connection with an investigation of hush money that was paid by the Trump Organization during the 2016 campaign to Stormy Daniels to keep her from revealing a sexual relationship with him. The inquiry is into whether these payments violated New York campaign finance law.


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