Whether walking down the corridor into Narnia

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wholesale jerseys from china You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingSee ourprivacy noticeInspectors have issued the school, based in Waste Lane, Keresley, with a glowing report stating that "From the moment pupils step into Keresley Grange School, their curiosity and interest in reading high quality books is ignited. Whether walking down the corridor into Narnia, or following the yellow brick road to Oz, it is clear from displays that reading and writing is of the highest priority. Pupils are hooked on books!"Ofsted: "Pupils are hooked on books!"The report praises the school for the high expectations of its pupils and ensuring that "relationships are warm and nurturing enabling pupils to make a positive start to school."Inspectors added that "pupils behave well at school because they enjoy learning."The school was praised for making "excellent staff appointments as well as growing their own experts" and how staff teach with "skill and enthusiasm".The report also highlights the school's "good relationship with parents and carers"Headteacher, Nicola Penlington was praised for working with "with grit and determination to build a strong team of staff in order to improve the quality of education at the school."Head teacher, Mrs Nicky PenlingtonMrs Penlington, who is a National Leader of Education, has created an inspirational curriculum entitled 'Language, Learning, Lives' which places reading and storytelling at the heart of children's education. wholesale jerseys from china

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