It was never clear which officer shot the 16 year

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The following year, The Clovers upped the ante with a song called sorry, I can even type it here, but if you must, here a link. (If you not up for salty language, or are listening with kids around, consider yourself warned.) And yes, this is the same group that had a hit with Love Potion No. 9 in 1959..

Montgomery: Well, it really personal, because it a story that I lived. I just wrote it this last year. I was 16 and growing up in White County. He is responsible for Asian focused investments and acts as Head of Research for Asia and Portfolio Manager for the Pan Asia Portfolio Solutionsfunds. Prior to joining PAAMCO, David performed a similar role for KBC Alpha Asset Management. Before KBC, he co founded Arbiter Fund Managers where he established and managed a dedicated Japanese long/short equity fund.

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