The colts have been doing bad this year

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"We feel like we're free to take the best available pick that comes at the No. 8 spot," Kingsbury said. "That's a tribute to Steve and the job that he's done in the offseason." (AP Photo/Ross D. "Pocket movement is different than pocket presence. Daniel's got great pocket presence. He's tough, he's courageous, he keeps his eyes downfield.

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wholesale jerseys from china He's mentally prepared every single game, decisive decisions. He knows how to manage a game. He plays offense and defense with the way that he plays.. "What pocket movement is is about one second max," he said. "It's very subtle, and sometimes the more athletic guys are, the more they want to escape The other thing is when you're running the ball as a quarterback in the NFL, quit running like a back. Some of his fumbles were getting hit with good runs, or just getting tackled." wholesale jerseys from china.


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