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This season, however much they will be confident of signing their target(s), they must prepare for a worst case scenario where they go another summer without signing a centre back.If City are forced to go again with their current options, that means Aymeric Laporte will be partnered by one of Fernandinho, John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi at the back. Youngsters Eric Garcia and Taylor Harwood Bellis can relieve the pressure on their senior teammates for cup games, too. It not ideal, but if Laporte stays injury free then it could work.Read MoreMan City fan Noel Gallagher says Liverpool FC are only reason Premier League season hasn been voidedLaporte will have to take much of the responsibility in this scenario, while City staff would hope to see an improvement in John Stones next season regardless of their activity in the transfer market.City also have another option at the back, though, and this is where Kompany comes in.The City legend turned Anderlecht player manager has taken Philippe Sandler under his wing this season, with the Dutchman impressing in his 11 appearances before injury issues in Belgium ended his season before the new year.

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