The country was able to quickly control that second

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If you're in an area where the disease is common and find a tick on you, call a doctor right away, especially if the tick is fat. An antibiotic can keep you from getting Lyme disease if you take it within 72 hours of the bite. If you get the disease, your doctor will prescribe a longer antibiotics course.

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2. Voya Financial will open their brand new Chandler office this year! They are looking to expand their Arizona team across multiple departments. Voya was recently named one of the Worlds Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine. Let me reiterate the key component of Bastian's statement: Our values are not for sale. According to Storyful, it was this firm statement from the company that calmed the situation down. In other words, Bastian made clear that Delta wasn't going to change their position on NRA discounts despite GOP strong holding..

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National League starter Matt Harvey of the hometown Mets then faced Yankees' second basemen Robinson Cano, and hit him on the right knee with a fastball. Cano walked to first base, but left the game before the end of the inning. He later told a Fox TV interviewer that he expected to be cleared to play later this week.


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