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When I was growing up, there were maybe a dozen cereals on a single shelf in the average grocery store: Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Grape Nuts, maybe a few bran based cereals. Today, cereal takes up an entire aisle in a supermarket. The breadth of choice is breathtaking, and so are the ingredients: sugar of course, but also all manner of chemicals and structure altering additives giving cereals different appearances, flavors and mouth feel, not to mention "healthiness.".

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"The right is not on trial," she said. "There is no conspiracy to oust him, however many times he repeats the claim. When he says this is an attempt to oust a right wing prime minister only because he is strong and not a poodle well, we've had strong prime ministers before.

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With powerful hurricanes on the increase, one can expect damage costs, in dollar terms and in potential loss of life, to skyrocket. "Hurricane destruction in the United States, in terms of physical damage costs, has historically increased by 10 percent for every 5 mph increase in wind speed," meteorologist James B. Elsner of Florida State University said in an email.

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