We cover things like the rise in violent attacks on

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It is nearly impossible for me to hear someone who is speaking from behind layers of fabric. Not only are voices muffled, it also is impossible to read lips, essential for many hearing impaired people. I know that this is not as severe a problem as contracting the virus, but I am writing to suggest that people make an effort to speak loudly and clearly, especially in crowded spaces..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Many Democrats are completely fixated on getting Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, no matter what it takes (or which Democratic presidential candidate). While that's certainly an important and obvious goal, the political stakes in 2020 are far, far greater than that. We cover things like the rise in violent attacks on bus drivers and Emergency Medical Service personnel, and the surge in the ranks of the homeless mentally ill in our public libraries, transit systems and jails.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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