He may have more value at the thin second base

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In 1975, the Blazers dramatically changed their uniforms, creating the most distinct look in franchise history. "blazers" continued to be featured in all lowercase letters on the home version (pictured), but it was moved to the right side of the uniform and written vertically, creating a unique and eye catching look. Also, "Portland" was removed from the road reds and replaced with "blazers." Large stripes flowed down the right side of the jerseys and shorts and the pinwheel was moved to the left leg of the shorts.

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wholesale jerseys from china Due to injuries and trades the 27 year old Nelson found himself starting for the Rockies full time during the second half of 2012 and he performed well enough that his hat is in the ring for the third base job going into spring training. He played in 111 games (92 at third and 21 at second) and in 345 at bats batted.301 with 9 homers, 21 doubles, 53 RBI, and a respectable.852 OPS. He may have more value at the thin second base position but wherever he plays he could be a nice sleeper pick going into the draft.. wholesale jerseys from china

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