When the Canadiens opened training camp

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This 'n that: Benning, whose game has really come on (plus 7 in the last 11 games), didn play against Sharks after getting an upper body injury late in the Minnesota win Thursday Goalie Al Montoya has been out for weeks with a concussion in Bakersfield but Shane Starrett has been terrific as the No. 1 guy on the farm. His stock has risen dramatically in his second pro season.

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cheap nba Jerseys china .. Try to help if somebody needs the help. Because right now we are together and we have to fight through it together.". While the Canadiens didn't think Galchenyuk could play centre, they believe Domi can. When the Canadiens opened training camp, Domi was skating at centre on a line with Jonathan Drouin at left wing and Joel Armia on the right side. Drouin spent last season as the Canadiens' No. cheap nba Jerseys china

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While the Tar Heels did struggle to shoot from behind the arc a season ago, they were nevertheless one of the more efficient offenses in the country, finishing 17th in overall field goal percentage and 3rd in assist to turnover ratio. Losing Johnson's 61.4% shooting from the floor and Paige's ability to create will likely cut into those numbers. While rebounding may hold steady, the frontcourt will have less depth, offensive punch, and rim protection.

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