The disease caused by the coronavirus is named COVID

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How have you arrived where you are today? Why did you make certain choices? Who helped you along the way? What motivated you then and now? Have your career goals remained the same or have they changed? Are you someone who likes new projects? Or executes the details of someone else vision?Practice makes perfectOnce you've developed your story, the next step is to practice telling it saying it out loud, ideally to others. Don't wait until the interview to tell it for the first time. Try reciting it into a tape recorder or sharing it with a confidante for feedback.

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Live from Space: Q from the International Space StationOn April 6th, Queen's University hosted a LIVE Q with Dr. Feustel via video broadcast from the International Space Station. The astronaut answered questions generated by the Queen's community earlier this month and spoke to his out of this world experiences.

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