Very creative, but this can be somewhat of a risky

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Least 1 million houses have been damaged and 7.3 million people affected in this [South 24 Parganas] district. There should be no wasteful expenditure during relief operations. This is bigger than the national disaster. Streets in low lying areas of Louisiana were already flooded. 5. The deluge exposed system weaknesses including the failure of some pumps and power generating turbines and caused homes and businesses to flood.

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The cake recipe came to me from Anita Angotti of Caribou years ago. It is an old Brownie Schrumpf recipe. Brownie used to do a column like one for the Bangor Daily News back in the day, as many of you will recall. Whilst Alyssa Milano tweeted that it is a "big day for equality and human rights. I'm smiling so big right now". Lady Gaga congratulated all those who were involved in overturning the act, tweeting "We stand tall today.

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