But the force of emotion in the events makes the

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I am an 18 year old boy. I am a student of pre engineering in a prestigious college. I belong to a middle class family. If you're curious about the recent discovery about the Shield Crocodile, you should know this is an exciting new breakthrough for further studying the crocodile species. This was discovered in Morocco and placed in the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto 4 years previous to Casey Holliday's, University of Missouri assistant, further studying of it and the publishing of the findings January 31st of 2012. The shield crocodile, nicknamed "Shieldcroc", is an ancestor of today's crocodile and is now extinct.

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A terrific true story is oddly underplayed in this sober, sedate drama about reconciliation and making peace with the past. Strikingly complex performances from Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman help give the film some deeper resonance, even if even it all seems rather under powered. But the force of emotion in the events makes the film worth a look..

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