Hundreds of thousands of gallons may be pouring into

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I think that there is a starting to be a tremendous amount of respect for the Bayside Conference in general. All coaches around the region are doing great things for their kids to get exposure and compete with teams. I see coaches traveling to take kids to college exposure camps and combines.

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"Today's announcement is welcome good news for lacrosse players around the world, as it is further confirmation of our intention to return to World Championship activity in 2021, with the safety of athletes and all participants as our number one priority," said World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern. "This announcement would not be possible were it not for the unwavering commitment of the Limerick Organizing Committee and its leader, Michael Kennedy, to stage this event and to support competitive opportunities for athletes. We offer our heartfelt thanks to Michael, the University of Limerick and the event organizing partners in Ireland.".

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And yet many cities are taking on the quixotic quest and being quite ambitious about it. Dallas has hired the prodigious Norman Foster (Berlin's Reichstag and London's, ah, gherkin shaped tower) for a ballet/opera house. In Chicago, an outdoor orchestra venue by Frank Gehry (with high tech amplification by the Talaske Group) will open this summer.


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