“Ms Sturgeon denied the blueprint’s lack of clarity

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wholesale jerseys It will allow Scots to meet friends or family from one other household at a time in a park or private garden in the first phase.Garden and recycling centres will finally reopen, weeks after England, and Scots will be allowed to play golf or go fishing.But offices, large shops and hotels are not scheduled to reopen until the third phase, which will not start until July 9 at the very earliest.The plan also includes much harsher restrictions on car travel in the first phase than have been implemented in England, with it stating that Scots are "permitted" to travel short distances for leisure and exercise, "broadly within five miles."Driving beyond their "local area" is not mentioned until the third phase. Ms Sturgeon will review progress every three weeks, when she will decide whether the country is ready to move to the next stage.Staff at Gouldings Garden Centre in Carluke prepare for reopening to the public, after being closed for nine weeks Getty Images EuropeBut she emphasised that nothing should change this weekend, saying: "We do need to stick with it for a few more days. Not all of the phase one measures will necessarily be introduced next Thursday, but I hope that most of them will be, or at least a day or two afterwards."Ms Sturgeon denied the blueprint's lack of clarity on travel and visiting family was confusing and said further guidance would be issued.Despite this not being stated in the plan, Ms Sturgeon added: "We're not intending to put a five mile limit on the distance you can travel to, for example, sit with your parents in their garden."But we are asking you to use judgment, and increasingly as we come out of lockdown I'm going to more and more be relying on you to exercise the good judgement that I know you will."Although socially distanced barbecues in back gardens will be permitted in phase one, she said she did not want people "to go inside others' houses" to use the bathroom as "you risk leaving the virus on surfaces inside the house."She added: "If your parents live in Inverness and you live in Glasgow, then what it will require for you to practically visit them might mean you putting your parents at risk, therefore don't do it for those reasons."But Annie Wells, the Scottish Tory deputy leader, said: "Considering the criticism the SNP made of the UK Government's exit plan, and the fact they had more time to think about it, there's really no excuse for causing this level of confusion wholesale jerseys.


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