The whole affair at Discovery was Jenny Thompson

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13th June 2013Quote: "One time I was in a movie theatre with my buddy. And they showed a trailer for one of the movies I was in and I was trying to make my buddy laugh, and after the trailer ended I just yell out, 'I'm seeing that.!' The guy in front of me, who has no idea it's me, just goes, 'Yeah, maybe on an airplane!' It was one of the most humbling moments. I was like, 'Yeah, I know, I suck.'" Jonah Hill on his most embarrassing moment in a cinema..

Freshman FB Chris Elmore likely to play immediatelySyracuse told Chicago native Chris Elmore to be ready to play as a true freshman, and all signs are pointing to him doing just that. The bulldozer for a fullback has gotten first team reps throughout preseason camp and is working as an edge protector on the field goal unit.Will Elmore be able to help generate rushing yards for SU? It a lot to ask of an 18 year old playing in the ACC, but the Orange has good reason to give it a shot. A lack of blocking ability from a sixth in box player (fullback/tight end) limited what the offense could do formationally last season, hurting an already poor run game.

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