But at the end of the day, there was still no

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In January, we were making these points in support of a bill to expand routine dental coverage to more low income Maine people by requiring the state's Medicaid program to cover it. That legislation, unfortunately, was put on hold when the Legislature suspended its session because of the coronavirus pandemic. But that's far from the only thing that's been on hold for Maine's dental practices and the people who need to access those services as a critical part of their health care..

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We Are Family Senior Outreach Network, the organization that provides support to Sanderlin, along with her home health aide, is asking its volunteers to pack food (in shifts, to create distance), deliver groceries (without going inside) and create an extensive network of check ins (by phone) so that the 800 seniors they serve can remain in their homes."The advice to keep away from other people is absolutely contrary to our aim. We're about trying to bring people together," said Mark Andersen, the network's co director. Twitter, Facebook, email discussion groups and Nextdoor pages are filled with call outs from healthy people eager to expose themselves to the outside world so others don't have to..

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