We accessorize ourself with diamonds

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Fresh from the success of Official Chukyagiri and Official CEOgiri, Sumeet Dilawar Rana walks out of a real jail into a metaphorical one the house where he spent his traumatic childhood. Branded a fraud in public for a crime committed by his stepbrother Cash (Pranay Manchanda), Dilawar must barter his freedom in exchange of converting a loss ridden, haunted hotel into a profitable venture. He puts the CEO in him to work, but in his attempt to provide a scary experience to the visitors, he ends up treading on the ghosts of his past that are far more frightening than the supernatural variety.

"From the motown records I wore out on the south side to the "Who Run the World" songs that fueled me through this last decade, music has always helped me tell my story, and I know that's true for everybody here," she said. "Whether we like country, or rap, or rock, music helps us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joys. It helps us to hear one another, to invite each other in.

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