Seafood restaurants crowding the sandstone harbour

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ESPN excels at covering the celebrity gossip aspects of sports. Ron Jaworski's NFL Matchup is terrific, but it's only a half hour, and they hide it at like 8am on Sunday. So who's out there writing that type of nuts and bolts stuff, about, say, how the Patriots managed to run for so many yards against the Jaguars? Stuff along the lines of Football Outsiders? Anything out there that does what Fire Joe Morgan does, but for football?.

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By the end of the night, the protesters had stolen about 15 barricades and left police to form a line of officers holding riot shields to keep back the swelling crowd. At one point, the protesters were able to gain control of an officer's shield and set it ablaze before trying to toss it back at the line of officers. Police used a smoke device to quickly stop them..

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