If you select the Predictive Efficient Drive function

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Moro joins MNAO with the company riding a wave of sales and product success. The company's new generation vehicles have received critical acclaim for their Kodo styling and SKYACTIV Technology engineering. And the Virgin Islands, including sales, marketing, parts and service, logistics, communications, customer support and regional operations.

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So committing fully to the run is no longer an issue. And under Callahan, the team has improved at running the ball, even as its passing game has gotten worse. The Redskins are averaging 4.7 yards per running play under Callahan; they were at 3.9 yards under Gruden this season and 4.3 yards per play last season.

Secondly, we are asking that a mediator be there, just to keep the conversation going. The first meeting was great. We were there for four hours. There are some really good comparables for Ruggs. Players like Tyreek Hill and Percy Harvin were game changers due to their explosive speed, and Ruggs has a lot of that in his game. The difference between being a gadget player like Harvin and an All Pro receiver like Hill will depend on whether Ruggs develops the other aspects of his skill set, including route running, footwork and attention to detail..

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