The tentative eight year labour deal would allow top

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AI will also make our working lives better. Journalism is one industry that undergoing an AI revolution, and there are many AI tools that help journalists identify and write stories. At Forbes, for example, an AI driven content management system called Bertie is used to identify real time trending topics, suggest improvements to headlines, and identify relevant images.

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cheap jerseys The Seattle Storm forward missed all of the 2019 WNBA season. National team later this month.Diana Taurasi sat out a WNBA season a few years ago because her Russian team, which was paying her more than US$1 million, wanted her to rest.WNBA players' union president Nneka Ogwumike said the new pact provides more financial incentive for players to stay home in the off season.The tentative eight year labour deal would allow top players to earn more than US$500,000 while the average salary $130,000 surpasses six figures for the first time. The deal also guarantees full salaries while on maternity leave plus childcare benefits, enhanced travel standards, along with other health and wellness benefits."It's a milestone agreement that is taking us steps in the right direction, and I'm hoping it won't be great just for women's basketball, but for women's sports in general," said Canadian Kayla Alexander, a centre for the Chicago Sky.The deal still won't pay women nearly what men make the average NBA salary is US$7.7 million but it tells women that "I can have a decent lifestyle and I can make a decent living, I can have wholesale nfl jerseys from china a decent work environment and work setting that I can be successful and compete at a high level," said Alexander, a native of Milton, Ont.While neither are mothers, both Nurse and Alexander said the maternity improvements were big wins."There are so many mothers in our league who are absolute superheroes both on and off the court with taking care of their child and also putting out the best performance that they can night in and night out," said Nurse, who was an all star in her second season with the New York Liberty.Improved travel news was also welcome relief. cheap jerseys

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