Jakes himself described the “edge” with which he

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cheap nfl jerseys David Cobb from CBS Sports did a thorough breakdown of Penn State as part of the site's team by team Top 25 preview. The Lions wholesale nfl jerseys checked in at No. 9 in the preseason rankings and stood out to Cobb for their ceiling as a potential playoff contender. Tiger coach Justin Fuente described Jakes as "heady" during his postgame press conference, acknowledging the smarts that contribute to the kind of impact Jakes makes on a football game. Jakes himself described the "edge" with which he plays, always being the "smallest player on the field." If you're looking for the personification of the current Memphis program relatively small but full of fight and vigor you need look no further than number 13 in your game program. That guy on the cover.. cheap nfl jerseys

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