There is a perception there are too many people in

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The densely populated city of Kolkata, which has nearly 1,500 coronavirus cases, was likely to see flooding, while some centuries old buildings in the northern half of the city could collapse due to the strong winds, officials warned. Ghosh, whose home in the city south was being lashed by heavy rain and winds, said that Kolkata had never witnessed this kind of cyclone. Cyclone is bearing down during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, and some Bangladeshis who fasted during the day reportedly waited until the early morning hours Wednesday before heading for the shelters..

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"Now it a successful company, it profitable that journey was challenging and interesting," she said.A lot has happened since. Ardmore has been sold and a second studio, Troy, which involved N Raghallaigh from its inception, has been established in Limerick. Both have some shareholders in common, including financier Joe Devine who chairs Troy, as well as N Raghallaigh herself.There is a Ridley Scott film being made in Ardmore at the moment.

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