Barry Bonds BiographyUnlike Babe Ruth

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On today's show with Ken, we talk a little bit about estimating rehab costs, a little bit about the construction process, and so I wanted to actually mention here in case you were not aware. You know, a lot of people know that we've got a rental property calculator and a flipping calculator and BRRRR calculator and wholesaling calculator on BP, and they're used a lot, but what a lot of people don't know, cause honestly we haven't done a great job of talking about it, is that we built we rehab estimation calculator, and just this morning I'm sitting on this couch with a buddy of mine who is visiting named Jeremy, and Jeremy is a new investor. He is actually on our show a few years back on one of the newbie episodes..

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Our greatest value this week is seasonal a ros and a reminder that we should not take old friends for granted in our search for something new and unique. It has the added advantages of being cheap and widely available. We also have two French whites great for warmer weather, one each from Mediterranean and Atlantic shores.

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