“There’s kids being hit over the head with stools

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canada goose outlet canada goose outlet Responses were often not followed through as promised or not disclosed and some parents had not been told about incidents at all, including those involving head injuries, families said.At least one child had been hospitalised with a concussion, another had mild scarring after being hit across the face with a heavy instrument and others had sought psychological support outside of school for anxiety, depression and copycat behavioural problems."This is not a bit of push and shove on the playground, this is 18 months of really shocking things happening and nothing being done," Ms Manunui said."There's kids being hit over the head with stools, rocks and tree branches, hit in the face with rakes; little girls followed into the toilets by older boys and told to 'Suck their d ', kids coming home with bruises and they're just told to stay away from [certain] kids or be more resilient."Images of a child's injuries in an incident raised with the directorate in March 2018. Photo: SuppliedOther families said they were "trapped" at Theodore, knocked back from nearby schools due to zoning and enrolment pressures. They now dropped their children off each morning with dread.All parents spoken to said there were some great teachers at the school who were deeply concerned for their children, but they did not appear to have the support they needed.Emma Warwick's son was hospitalised last year after he was thrown against a brick wall and punched in the head by another student, and she has since moved her children across the border to a school in NSW..

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cheap canada goose uk "The debate has been very frustrating because there has been a lot of myth put in in," he said. "Greens policy does support hazard reduction burning." "But I also want to be clear that this is not some panacea that will all of a sudden save Australia from bushfires."January 22 2020 3:30AMPrescribed burning targets missed in ACT, as changing climate stymies bushfire preventionThe ACT government missed its target for prescribed burns by 25 per cent in the past financial year, as hot and dry weather hampered efforts to limit bushfire risks in the national capital.As the national bushfire crisis fuels debate about the effectiveness of prescribed burning in preventing or limiting large scale blazes, annual report figures show the ACT's environment directorate continues to struggle to meet its targets for hazard reduction.A prescribed burn, which jumped containment lines and started burning out of control in Namadgi National Park, in March.It only managed to achieve 67 per cent of its target for the physical removal of fuel loads and vegetation, according to annual report figures. In both cases, parks said it couldn't achieve the targets because of unfavourable weather conditions.However it did meet its targets for others methods of hazard reduction in 2018 19, clearing more than 5670 hectares of land via grazing and another 4502 hectares through the technique of slashing cheap canada goose uk.


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