Pro democracy lawmakers have used filibustering to

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wholesale jerseys from china Among those in court on Monday to hear formal charges were 72 year old media tycoon Jimmy Lai, founder of anti establishment newspaper Apple Daily, and Martin Lee, an octogenarian former barrister who helped write the city's constitution.The group of 15 also includes former lawmakers Margaret Ng, Albert Ho, Leung Kwok hung, Au Nok hin and current lawmaker Leung Yiu chung.Pro democracy lawmaker Wu Chi wai Lam (centre) is escorted out of the chamber by security guards during a scuffle ShutterstockThey were charged with organising and taking part in unlawful assemblies last wholesale jerseys summer. Five face a more serious charge of incitement, which carries up to five years in jail.Hong Kong's government says police are following the law while Beijing has praised the prosecutions.The charges came on another day of chaos inside the city's House Committee, a body that helps scrutinise bills, with protesting pro democracy lawmakers dragged from the chamber by security guards and scuffles between rival camps.It is the second time in a fortnight that clashes have broken out as pro democracy supporters try to scupper a law that bans insulting China's national anthem.Pro democracy lawmakers have used filibustering to stop voting for a new chair.But on Monday, the pro Beijing camp installed its own committee chair, armed with external legal opinion saying they had the power to end the deadlock.The pro democracy camp said the move was a coup, citing the legal opinion of the legislature's own lawyers.Calls for greater democracy have snowballed in recent years as fears rise that Beijing is prematurely eroding Hong Kong's freedoms.Agency workers are helping to spread coronavirus in care homes, study claimsCoronavirus in care homes will be thrust into the spotlight again amid reports ministers knew a month ago that temporary workers were helping spread the killer disease. Care chiefs will appear before MPs on Tuesday to update them on how homes and their staff are coping with the pandemic. wholesale jerseys from china

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