It isn’t about the troops; it isn’t about a lack of

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However, many Americans remain cautious as the number of confirmed cases across the nation passed 1.6 million.In California, where many businesses and recreational activities are reopening, officials in Los Angeles County said they would maintain tight restrictions until July 4.Some religious leaders took issue with Mr Trump's declaration that houses of worship are "essential" and should resume in person services this weekend.Bishop Paul Egensteiner, who oversees the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's congregations in New York City, said: "Being at the epicentre of this pandemic and in order to protect our flock, we advise that congregations remain closed until more accurate and uniform information is provided."New York state reported its lowest number of daily coronavirus deaths in many weeks 84 in what governor Andrew Cuomo described as a critical benchmark. The daily death tally peaked at 799 on April 8.(PA Graphics)Mr Cuomo said: "For me, it's a sign that we're making real progress."Mr Trump visited one of his private golf clubs for the first time during the pandemic the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. He has been pushing for state and local leaders to fully reopen after months of closures and tight restrictions.In China, new coronavirus cases fell to zero on Saturday for the first time since the start of the outbreak, but surged in India and overwhelmed hospitals across Latin America.Many governments are easing restrictions as they face a political backlash and historic recessions brought on by the battle against the virus.A drive in protest in Madrid, organised by Spain's far right party Vox against the Spanish government's handling of the nation's coronavirus outbreak (AP)In just a few months, the pandemic has killed at least 338,000 people worldwide and infected more than 5.2 million, according to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University.In Germany, which has drawn praise for its handling of the virus, seven people appear to have been infected at a restaurant in the north west of the country.

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