If you have the means (it sounds as if you do)

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You might be able to split the difference, however. If you have the means (it sounds as if you do), perhaps you could decamp for a few weeks to Georgia, rent a place, and see if your wife can join you for a week or two while you are there. Getting out of the bubble, even briefly, might inspire both of you to think about your options in a new way..

The story spans some 40 years, during which Russell gleefully parallels Joy's family chaos with the lurid soap on Terry's television. Of the people around Joy, only Grandma, Tony and her childhood buddy Peggy (Elizabeth Rohm) believe in her. So even though her dad's new girlfriend (the fabulous Isabella Rossellini) invests in her mop, no one thinks she'll achieve any real success.

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To the north of Colorado Springs, there is Black Forest Regional Park, which recently had major post fire trail reconstruction work. The nearby Fox Run Regional Park, has plenty of trails among towering Ponderosa pines. While you have to keep your pup leashed while on the trails, the park has a nice dog run where you can let Rover run loose a bit.

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