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An Introduction to Collecting Antique Saloon Tokensby Carolyn Augustine 4 years agoAn introduction to a fascinating hobby for American Western history enthusiasts or for specialty coin collectors.9Model Building DioramasRites of Passage for a Model Railway 31: Let Me Introduce You to Ainthorpe Junctionby Alan R Lancaster 18 hours agoThis page serves as a complement to the erstwhile 'Thoraldby' layout (RITES OF PASSAGE 18), although not replace it in the context of this series where I've 'charted the route' of an imaginary modeller who's worked through from the research and planning to the nitty gritty of a layout.2Model Building DioramasRites of Passage for a Model Railway 3 Base Boards, Track, Basic Trackside Scenicsby Alan R Lancaster 2 months agoBuild a base board, lay the track and shape your world with scenics. Take your time, do your research, watch dvd's/video's and the result will reward the effortPendulum Dowsing: Dowsing for Numbersby wleon63 2 years agoThe pendulums in the picture are my own. One is brass and the other one is a polished stone.

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