The students taking the class are science and math

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Let's all continue to be here for each other through these times and beyond. Let's look out for each other's health and safety and do our best to bring compassion and caring to those around us, vs judgement and hatred. Let's just do our best to recognise that we all have our struggles and fears, and that what's needed is strength and giving from each of us.

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It creates a common language. And it has to, because Silverstein class isn some nouveau intellectual speakeasy, or anthropology salon and think tank where students of the discipline congregate and wax philosophical (anthropological?). The students taking the class are science and math majors, physicists and soon to be accountants.

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The coronavirus situation has virtually eliminated this income all at once. At a time when the city needs local coverage more than ever, we're asking for your help to support continued coverage or everything happening in Portland. You can make one time or recurring donations.


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