The debris of the plane, cars, and homes will be

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has barred the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) from taking DNA samples from the corpses of the passengers aboard the ill fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane that crashed on Friday in Karachi's Model Colony area, Geo News wholesale nfl jerseys reported citing sources.The PIA Airbus A 320 jet with 99 people onboard, of whom two miraculously survived, had crashed into a crowded residential area after twice trying to land at the airport. The actual reason for the crash remains unknown as the investigations remain underway.Sources in the PFSA informed Geo News that upon the request of Punjab, Sindh had permitted the agency to collect samples of a senior bureaucrat, Khalid Sher Dil. Meanwhile, the agency has also taken blood samples of the deceased government official's brother and mother.Until all the bodies have undergone a DNA test, it won't be possible to hand them over to their actual heirs, sources said.The PFSA had reached Karachi after orders from the Punjab government on Saturday, sources said.The debris of the plane, cars, and homes will be removed stepwise after the forensic team completes its task.Furthermore, law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the site as rescue operations remain underway.Separately, Sindh Rangers spokesperson said that the passengers' belongings, including electronic items, mobile phones, gold, artificial jewellry, and expensive stuff, recovered from the crash site had been handed over to PIA officials.At least Rs30 million, 70 pounds, and 625 dollars were recovered as well, while a list of the recovered items has also been drafted, the spokesperson added.Sindh government said that 34 bodies have been identified and all of those have been handed over to the families.In addition, Chippa rescue personnel have said that 31 dead bodies have been identified so far, while at least 44 corpses were brought in the morgue out of which 14 have been handed over to the family and 29 remain unidentified.A spokesperson for Edhi welfare said that 53 bodies had been brought in the organisation's morgue from which 12 have been handed over to the family, four will be handed over later today, while 37 remain unidentified.A day earlier, PIA Spokesperson Abdullah Khan said that the process of identification and handing over bodies to the families is underway.Abdullah Khan said that according to PIA laws, the families will get Rs500,000 in compensation.The spokesman said that the airline's district managers will visit the homes of crash victims and issue compensation for the burial process.Prime Minster Imran Khan had issued special directives under which one million rupees per deceased person will be given separately to the heirs of the victims.Preliminary report of PIA plane crash raises serious questionsAir crash investigators are trying to figure out if the PIA flight PK 8303 crash incident is attributable to a pilot error or technical fault, with new information giving rise to fresh questions regarding the circumstances of the incident, The News reports.It is believed that a full report can be made public in three months wholesale nfl jerseys from china.


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