In the passing attack, he is effective in the screen

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The 49ers have an excellent roster. They probably won't own another top 15 selection for a few years, because they probably will be a perennial playoff team that picks near the end of Round 1. If one of the top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft falls to pick No.

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This also is a great example of counter conditioning: training or substituting a desirable behavior that is incompatible with an undesirable one. The horse cannot nudge or nip at you and instead turns and holds his head slightly away from you. You can continue by shaping the horse to hold that position quietly for longer and longer, just as a dog is trained to sit stay.

"I feel bad for the young coaches that really tried to establish things. I think we were all hoping that something would happen (to allow for a season).""There's been some tough conversations (with his players today). I think this was going to be an unbelievable year in our league.

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