On the occasions when I favoured it over the

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Gary Goldbaum, health https://www.cheapnbajerseysstore.com officer for the Snohomish Health District, said the agency interprets current bans on smoking in public places to contain e cigarettes."We are informing restaurant and bar owners they shouldn't be enabling use of these devises in their premises," he said. Goldbaum said he will probably advise the health district's board consider taking action specifically prohibiting indoor e cigarette use in public spaces."We think it would be useful to have a local ordinance that clearly defines that so there is not any issue," he said.To date, the state hasn't taken any actions to regulate e cigarettes except to prevent their sale to anyone under age 18, said Tim Church, a state Department of Health spokesman."Right now, local jurisdictions look to be taking this on and making up regulations and ordinance that work with their communities," Church said. Questions have been raised over whether e cigarettes are regarded as a secure option to smoke."There will be lots of unknowns around these ecigs," Goldbaum said.

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