In Colorado and Wyoming, I found chromian diopside

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cheap jerseys Chromian diopside is found in kimberlite (and related rare mantle derived, ultramafic intrusives). In Colorado and Wyoming, I found chromian diopside in kimberlite in the State Line district south of Laramie, in some Iron Mountain district kimberlites west of Chugwater, in lamprophyric breccia pipes along the southwestern edge of Cedar Mountain and in nearby anthills in the Greater Green River Basin southwest of Green River (Hausel, 1998), in numerous anthills in the Butcherknife Draw area of the Green River basin typically contain several grains of chromian diopside and some pyrope garnet, in kimberlite in Riley County, Kansas. Similar gem quality diopside (not as chrome rich) was also collected from a lamprophyre at Ming Bar in Montana, and chrome diopside was also collected from serpentinite in northern California in the vicinity of Hayfork Creek. cheap jerseys

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