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In these tough times, the employees are working from home and trying to balance their professional commitments along with their household chores. A crucial decision of disbursing the salaries of employees in two parts was also taken by the management. One part of the salary is being released at the beginning of the month and rest of it towards the end of the month.

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Contrary to the urban legends of today, the Cocktail Ring has it's origins, not in the prohibition era of 1920's rebellion, but dates back to the year 1647, when Lord Reginald Farquar Cocktail, of the Coventry Cocktails, first adorned his finger with the tail feathers of his favorite rooster, Neville. Neville was an extraordinary specimen of poultry magnificence with a large ruby red comb adorning his head like a crown. This fit his personality so well because he truly thought of himself as the King of the Barnyard.

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No laptops, tablets or projectors will be seen in our classrooms. Primary are the people participating in the discussion and the books that give us a rich way of engaging in the life of the mind. For us, the life of the mind is integral with experience, and a way of coming to terms with it a way of trying to understand ourselves and the world we live in.


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