A total of 3,600 Konas sold in 2019; Niro, arriving

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Campbell believes there is a silver lining to the pandemic. "The positive thing about the pandemic is that we are returning to traditional family values," he said. "As a child, it was rare to go out to dinner. Use your creativity and imagination to find ways to be of use during this difficult time. Get busy. Make masks for others.

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JD's a good cook himself, he's been helping me, but I've definitely learned some stuff on my own. For diet, you have to adjust to the lifestyle you're living, and for us that's been about trying to eat really clean. I think JD mentioned before that I [cooked] a lot of seared chicken, but now I have this one firecracker ground turkey dish, you can do it with whatever sides you want, that's been my one go to lately that I really like, JD was impressed with that one, it's one of my favorites."What steps have you been taking to keep you and your family safe? Any particular message you'd like to pass along to fans?"For our fans, I'd just like to say that we miss them, being able to play in front of them night in and night out, that competition and having their support.

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